Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It only takes a few minutes to make a bad first impression.....

It is ashame that more folks don't pay attention to the first impression that they make with strangers. Whether it is by chat, email, a YAHOO! group post or in person it is very important to put your best foot forward.

When new people come into our chat, it is very clearly apparent to me which people I would like to meet in person and which people need a class in social behavior. Say "hello" when you enter the chat room. Ask about the weather, where someone lives, how was their weekend or anything else that says you are alive and interested in them. Lurking into the room and sitting waiting to be invited to chat is like a middle school dance. It isn't the way adults socialize.

Our Meet-n-Greets too are full of great folks who mingle and chat with others. But, there are also the few that sit there like a lump and expect the world to come to them. That's not the way life works.

If you think you are a shy person, then prepare yourself. Read a newspaper or magazine before attending the chat or the Meet-n-Greet. Be prepared to chat about the weather, the music that you like, movies you have seen or want to see, your favorite sports teams, or even your travel experiences. Try to avoid chatting about sex with strangers at first. Even though the people in the chat or the Meet-n-Greet are there because they are interested in "creative" sexual ideas, remember that sex is 95% from the brain. And most people, women especially, would like to get to know you first before sharing their fantasies or experiences. As I have said many times, if you can't entertain my brain for a few hours without talking about sex or swinging, you aren't getting to first base with me.

It is our hope that people who attend our chat or our Meet-n-Greet have a great experience and get to know many other people. It is not our responsibility however to have to handhold every newbie. We are all adults and it is your responsibility alone to learn to socialize as an adult.

Remember, that first five minutes you spend with someone in chat or at a Meet-n-Greet will be the way they will remember you for a long time. Use it wisely!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Misbehavior at Meet-n-Greets

Below is a summary of SEVEN years of our observations and in NOT intended to be a typical finding at any ONE Meet-n-Greet. These were isolated by large amounts of time and seen at all different MnG's. No one was the baddest nor were all this bad at all times, OK?

First off it's not just the guys!

Ladies for the most part do behave as the fine ladies they are. This post is about open to the public Meet-n-Greets. As swingers we've all grown accustom to a relaxed mode of behavior at private parties and swingers clubs. There have been two instances where hosts posted online about this, see one post excerpt below.
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Hi Everyone
From: Jasmine

.....its open to everyone but I will say if you're a single male respect
the couples & single ladies..yes we dirty dance a bit but that doesnt
give anyone the right to grope another..and if you get a hard on while
dancing I suggest you either dont dance close or dance at all thats not
what we're there for..its all about meeting old and making new friends..
another thing if you cant handle your liquor than stay away from it
nothing worse than having a drunk with liquor breathe YUCK trying to
push up on someone.

What we've observed
As a couple we've gone to many Meet-n-Greets hosted in many states. Below is a few captures of bad behaviors we've seen. Please don't ask us for more details, it's past history!

Ladies flashing breasts
Now what we as hosts have seen from the ladies. A whole tables of them decided it would be cute to flash another table across the room while in a public hotel bar. Below isn't them but it represents fairly what we saw at the next table.

This in itself is fairly harmless to swingers but in a public bar could be trouble. Well the hotel security did spot them and brought the manager into the room. He missed the first return volley from the far table but caught the second flash from that table next to us. To us it was funny at first like the rest thought of it. Those ladies didn't see the reactions of the non swingers in the room nor the single guys beginning to pace and hover about.

Ladies mooning

As the breast flashes were happening we looked over to a booth along the wall and we see a woman in the booth with her entire ass showing. No panties and from across the room we could see her inner lips were the protruding kind with a very large clit. Not a picture of her but it represents the angle of what we saw from our table.

We want to be clear that this mooning was not a quick peek. She kept it up for over 20 minutes, even after several people told her about her exposure, including hotel security! A few of the regulars that knew her even came over to squeeze and touch her while she was there!

That Meet-n-Greet is no more! Due to these incidents and a few others that group has been asked to never return to that hotel.

Pool table fucking

At another Meet-n-Greet (also no longer in existence) one couple found they could predict and dodge hotel security. They actually fucked on the pool table with a regular audience. Lucky for them this out of the way bar didn't get a lot of visits by the general public! This is not a picture of her but it represents what we saw at the start of their public play times.

The bad guys
We saved the worst for last! Well let's see: Pacing, begging for party invites, following all over, barging into/listening to private conversations, inviting themselves to parties (overheard others being invited), saying hi to a couple and never leaving (common).

The all time great 'old school' sleazeball: buys you two drinks and then begins to grope you right there in the bar! (Husband standing next to them glaring in disbelief!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Single Guys and Meet-n-Greets!

Why aren't there more single guys at the Meet-n-Greets? Many are complaining they can't meet women and couples to play with. They want us all to know how NICE and COURTEOUS and should be invited to our parties and get togethers, yet they won't show up at a Meet-n-Greet. Oh, they have many many excuses, "it is too far", "I have to work", "I am too shy with strangers", or the worst "I can't get away from my wife to go".

So, what are we to do?

1. Invite them to a party and those excuses would probably magically disappear.

2. Ignore them, since if they aren't willing to put in the effort to get to a Meet-n-Greet than what kind of effort are they going to put in to please a partner?

I choose #2!

Tips for Single guys and swinging


I belong to a ladies only adult group at YAHOO! The discussion today was about men and their need to exploit their size. Or should I say, men who think that telling us their size will make us putty in their hands.

Well it was a general consensus that those men are completely out of it. Since 95% of sex is in the brain, telling me your size might feed 5% of my needs. What happens to the other 95%? They don't seem to care.