Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Single Guys and Meet-n-Greets!

Why aren't there more single guys at the Meet-n-Greets? Many are complaining they can't meet women and couples to play with. They want us all to know how NICE and COURTEOUS and should be invited to our parties and get togethers, yet they won't show up at a Meet-n-Greet. Oh, they have many many excuses, "it is too far", "I have to work", "I am too shy with strangers", or the worst "I can't get away from my wife to go".

So, what are we to do?

1. Invite them to a party and those excuses would probably magically disappear.

2. Ignore them, since if they aren't willing to put in the effort to get to a Meet-n-Greet than what kind of effort are they going to put in to please a partner?

I choose #2!

Tips for Single guys and swinging


I belong to a ladies only adult group at YAHOO! The discussion today was about men and their need to exploit their size. Or should I say, men who think that telling us their size will make us putty in their hands.

Well it was a general consensus that those men are completely out of it. Since 95% of sex is in the brain, telling me your size might feed 5% of my needs. What happens to the other 95%? They don't seem to care.

No reply at all?

Ever spend 10's of minutes (to hours) writing a swingers ad or a reply to one only to have nothing returned? We've had this happen too often, sometimes we reply to an ad a second time in thinking maybe the first one got lost. We feel it's kind of insensitive to say the least. We know that not all folks find anyone that replies a good playmate. We understand chemistry very well. Why can't they just hit <reply> type "no thanks" and then <send>???

More Newbie's guide to swinging advice.

Rough Sex = Sore Nipples

Why do men bite my nipples? Why do they pull them and twist as if they are trying to disengage a child proof cap from a medicine bottle? There are times that I have been left with such sore nipples that I couldn't even touch them myself for over a week.

I personally NEVER like it rough. I like soft, feathery touches and licks. But, even if I did want something else, it is always easier to start with soft and move forward. And if I say STOP or gentle please, LISTEN!

I am sure there are women who enjoy rough sex and pain. But, isn't it better to assume that a woman likes things gentle and soft and let her ask for more? Or ask her if she wants it rougher.


Red Barn, Berlin NJ - Our first trip report

First off we, both are not new to the peepshow booths in bookstores and public sex. This WAS our first (as a couple together) trip to an open theater place though (Hoople was at one in NYC years ago before the mayor cleaned up things).

We got to Red Barn about 7:45pm and stayed to about 9:15pm. We wanted to find the place before dark. We were a bit disappointed that there weren't any other couples or women there though. All the guys around us were very polite, except one guy was being a little to eager in his over the shoulder viewing for my wife's liking, she felt his breath on her occasionally. We were having a LOT of fun watching others watch us (a very BIG turn on for us) as I played with my wife's breasts thru her partially open dress. I was also rubbing her pussy every so often, albeit thru panties. Another guy offered the advice that 'most couples go up to the front row as there is room to stretch out'.

After some deliberation we moved forward (I wanted to look at the video peep booth room at left up font too) and sat against the wall to the far right. My wife resumed the BJ she had started before the breathy guy made her feel uneasy so at least I came. My wife did say on the way home that she was a bit turned on too.

We're not discouraged though as there is always one hormonally driven guy who 'pushes the envelope' for the scene. We had discussed our limits before hand and 'play with others' wasn't on the menu.

Copy of post created on Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Frequently Asked Questions about 'Berlin News Agency'

To all the straight guys about to join Yahoo Groups for Adult Book Store aka ABS's:

The remainder of this post is NOT our original writing. We had asked the owner of it, the group owner of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PHILLYMOVIEFUN/ for permission to use it and have enhanced it slightly (large/italic section). Please take the time to read it CAREFULLY. The intent is NOT to discourage straight single guys from going to ABS' despite one guy's personal opinion. The focus is help to ALL find ABS' where women are present at times and to reduce the whiny complaints of bi/gay sexual activity seen at ABS' not regularly patronized by women.

"Please note that it is a myth that there are women waiting for you in porn theaters and adult bookstores or at the gloryholes looking for single str8 men & married str8 men. Please understand that women are rarely and very close to never at almost all porn theaters or any adult bookstores. There are the very rare wife or girlfriend who may go very infrequently with another male-partner, but rarely to never alone."

"So please, str8 men, understand that the majority of the action (not always, but close to ALL of it) in any porn theater or adult bookstore anywhere is going to be male-male. There are a few ABS's in NJ and PA that are exceptions with sporadic weekend st8 action: Berlin News (West Berlin, NJ), Cupid's Arcade (Kutztown, Pa), Cupid's Pleasures (Bethlehem Pa), Red Barn Berlin (Berlin and 3 other NJ locations), Charlies Dream Adult Theater

(Philly) and MovieThon (Union, NJ). Wait to see their posts about what day and time they will be going to the ABS. The most common times couples post for visits are weekend nights with an occasional daytime during the weekend. Most arrivals are after 8pm, but many arrive after 10 pm or even midnight. They choose the day and time, nuff said?"

"Also do not ask if there are any women who would want to go to a theater with you -- it makes you look selfish, stupid & clich├ęd. Trying to arrange a weekday daytime meeting at the ABS is very unlikely to succeed. It's extremely rare for a woman to be in an ABS on a weekday during the daytime period. Posting responses to the lady's ABS visit posting in hopes of arrange a 1-on-1 meeting outside the ABS is also VERY lame, after all they go to the ABS to be in a crowd, right?"

"Please take the time to try & understand or ask or even care about what a porn theater and adult bookstores are really all about and why the Yahoo! Group members there love them so much. Read the previously posted messages in the group once you join to familiarize yourself with who the couples are and when they visit. There are a few fakers too, so it will be worth your while to discover who they are too, so you don't get misled by them."


Why go to multiple Meet-n-Greets?

Here's why we do this: As seasoned swingers we have gone to as many as four and a few times six MnG's in one month! We've often run into others doing the same tactic. We know life is busy and you can't make it to every one but.....Most regular MnG's couples do not travel to other nearby MnG's. They go to their 'home' MnG monthly and are only seen there. OK, so what are you leading to?

Couples going to MnG "A" are only seen there.
Couples going to MnG "B" are only seen there.
Couples going to MnG "C" are only seen there.

See the pattern now? The advantage we are descibing is you'll meet a LOT more new couples than you would have otherwise.

The bonus: Each M-n-G has 'feel' and regulars differences. MnG's vary slightly each month due to the differences in attendees (newbie and regulars). M-n-G's held in each areas are attended by the local (different) newbies, adding even more to the amount of different swingers to meet IF you travel to them. Couples seeking a particular 'type' or 'look' in other couple will improve their chances too. Narrow your focus and you meet less couples.

PS: A few couples do not go to their local MnG, they always travel to the distant MnG's. You can only meet those couples elsewhere, even though they may party locally.

Meet-n-Greet frequently asked questions