Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why go to multiple Meet-n-Greets?

Here's why we do this: As seasoned swingers we have gone to as many as four and a few times six MnG's in one month! We've often run into others doing the same tactic. We know life is busy and you can't make it to every one but.....Most regular MnG's couples do not travel to other nearby MnG's. They go to their 'home' MnG monthly and are only seen there. OK, so what are you leading to?

Couples going to MnG "A" are only seen there.
Couples going to MnG "B" are only seen there.
Couples going to MnG "C" are only seen there.

See the pattern now? The advantage we are descibing is you'll meet a LOT more new couples than you would have otherwise.

The bonus: Each M-n-G has 'feel' and regulars differences. MnG's vary slightly each month due to the differences in attendees (newbie and regulars). M-n-G's held in each areas are attended by the local (different) newbies, adding even more to the amount of different swingers to meet IF you travel to them. Couples seeking a particular 'type' or 'look' in other couple will improve their chances too. Narrow your focus and you meet less couples.

PS: A few couples do not go to their local MnG, they always travel to the distant MnG's. You can only meet those couples elsewhere, even though they may party locally.

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