Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Webmail offline - preserve your info

  • Yahoo! webmail slow reading 25 messages at a time?
  • Want to back up your mail and contacts?
  • 300 contact limit of the Online Address Book too low?
  • Tired of SPAM filters that don't work well?
  • Your Yahoo ID was deleted - lost everything?
  • Someone been hacked - lost access to their account?
  • Want to read emails faster aka offline? (not online)
One time techie work
These are the times when it makes sense to delve into a bit of techie stuff once to protect your information. The offline reading speed improvement compared to webmail is unbelievable to most. One can go thru and read 50 messages and delete 150 others in minutes when it used to take almost an hour in webmail!

It's VERY simple to read and do. Once this 5 minute one-time task is done the rest is reading and sending mail. If you've used web mail before the change is small as you already have experienced most of the basics.

Email program - choosing and obtaining it
One of the first things to do is choosing, obtaining and setting up an email program at your home PC. All modern Windows have Outlook Express already installed. Three steps already done with no effort! The remaining task is to point it to your personal ISP email account. This one time step is the last one between you and reading the first email! Now you can read mail from family, friends, new acquaintances and co-workers offline and back them up.

What if you use Yahoo! webmail?
Do you use Yahoo's free webmail as a second account for your online persona? (1) Well, for offline reading you have to download a free helper program called Ypops. This one time installation is VERY easy! We have a how-to page with pictures about Ypops installation to ease your pain. Honest, it's VERY simple ;-) Outlook Express can handle both your real life e-mail account and your second one or you can use another program (to keep them separated).

SPAM - got to much spam man?
Using Thunderbird (a free download) or MS Office Outlook 2003/2007 opens up the world to beating SPAM. Both these programs learn from you what you consider SPAM and move those messages to the Junk mail folder automatically. Anything it misses you can correct for the next time. After a few days spam will be at an all time low.

See, that wasn't so bad, right?

1) FWIW these email services will try to sell premium access for $20+ a month! They make it sound like it's the only way to read email offline on your PC. What they're leaving out is that it's also possible to do this WITHOUT paying for their extra service.

OK, So why don't I even want nice single guys at swing parties?

We go to many swing parties. Lately the predominance has been hotel parties. Unlike the swing clubs and private parties we have gone to, these parties usually allow a set amount of single men. These men have proven themselves to be polite gentlemen and their demeanor at these parties is nothing by stellar.

So what's the problem?

Well, since there aren't an even amount of women there are 2 problems for me.

First, inevitably, while I am enjoying one guy there is another poking, prodding or touching and trying to get in on the action for his pleasure. For a voyeur and even me sometimes, this is HOT. But, many times it destroys the moment of pleasure I was already having by being brought back to reality instead of in my far off brain of fantasy.

The other reason would apply to bi women only. Since there are so many men to find their pleasure and trying to get off, the bi women that are at these parties really can't pay attention to each other. I have had 2 experiences where another woman and myself were exploring each other and within minutes there were 3 purple one eyed monsters poking at our mouths and hands.

I am not sure what the solution is. Perhaps one of the beds in each room should be reserved for bi-women. Or maybe there should be a time set up for the women only. Or perhaps I need to just become more forceful and say "hey, I just want to be with her right now, can you leave us alone for a bit?"

Anyone have thoughts on this?

Let me entertain you, or why should I?

Today's chip on my shoulder is aimed at the men who think I am their own private (or public) entertainment.

I can give you many anecdotes, but I will limit it to one. I log into JMeeting and I am barraged by men who tell me to move this way, or take this piece of clothing off. I tell them I will when I am ready, please don't direct.

Some stop, but many continue with the directing. Some have told me directly, but I need to see your tits to get off. This also happens in IM's and in person at swing parties sometimes.

When we are at a swing party it has been only the single men that do this. There aren't enough women to satisfy them all at once, so the lurk and start giving directions of asking for special views.

Well, let me tell you directly: I am not there for YOUR entertainment. I am there for my own pleasure. I am not interested in getting YOU off, I am interested in my OWN pleasure. If watching my own pleasure pleases you, then we are both happy. But, if you beg and plead for selfish things, you will get NOTHING from me but a good bye.

What does Hello mean in an IM or Chat room?

What does "hello" mean in a chat room?

To some guys it seems to mean "Hi, Please private message me cause I want to cyber with you until you cum."

So what does a friendly person do?
I am stuck either being rude and ignoring the newcomers, or sticking my neck out hoping that the latest newcomer is a polite person who understands English.

Why aren't there more single guys at Meet-n-Greets?

Why aren't there more single guys at the Meet-n-Greets?
Many are complaining they can't meet women and couples to play with. They want us all to know how NICE and COURTEOUS and should be invited to our parties and get togethers, yet they won't show up at a Meet-n-Greet.
Oh, they have many many excuses, "it is too far", "I have to work", "I am too shy with strangers", or the worst "I can't get away from my wife to go".

So, what are we to do?
1. Invite them to a party and those excuses would probably magically disappear.
2. Ignore them, since if they aren't willing to put in the effort to get to a Meet-n-Greet than what kind of effort are they going to put in to please a partner?

Welcome to Our Blog

We are happy to have you join us for sharing and communication. After spending 2 1/2 years chatting online before we met in person, Hoople and I had the beginnings of a connection where communication was key to our relationship. We hope that blogging will help us to open the paths of communication for you as well as invite new avenues of subjects for us to share with each other.

I can be very opinionated. Sometimes I have even been called names that I won't repeat because my opinions bother others. But, that's what is great about opinions. Everyone has one and it's OK not to agree. In a way opinions are very much like swinging. My preferences might not be yours, but that doesn't make either right or wrong.

Please feel free to voice your opinion here. Just keep in mind that flaming of ANY kind will not be tolerated. Also, racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious slurs will not be tolerated. This blog is for sharing opinions, not hurting or disparaging anyone!